Paul Damon's Creations

The BamBooty Chair

When I moved to Costa Rica I wanted to create something useful made from available, sustainable materials. So finding bamboo and burlap coffee sacks everywhere, The Bambooty Chair was born. 

The Bambooty is fully adustable and mobile and has many uses. More than just a place to rest your rear, The Bambooty Chair can also be used as a workout station. Push-ups, Dips and  leg lifts.

1 hour a day

for 40 days


      The  Bambooty


The Stove

With a passion for feeding the masses, I sat out to design        the most useful and efficient wood burning stove.

The Stove is a self feeding wood burning flat top stove, with a radiant oven and steamer.


1. Wood feed

2. Hot surface (pot of bean, rice) 

3. Flat top cook surface (meat)

4. Radiant Oven (Bread, Pies)

5. Steamer (vegitables)

6. Exhaust (CO2 only- ZERO Smoke)






Grow a Home!

   The Living   Tree House

Leather Work

I love Creating!

Strangler fig vine can be formed into any shape. It is abundant in the jungle and grows 18 feet a year. If cut, it provides many more roots for your molding pleasure :) Building your home is one thing, but growing your home is being one with everything. Too many trees are killed to build just one conventinal home. With this positive enviromental design we are promoting cohesive living in a continuously growing home. There are many Strangler vines known around the world to live hundreds of years if managed. This is living with nature.